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For all of the jerks who bag on the glass to try and get the animal… - Park Guests SUCK
For all of the jerks who bag on the glass to try and get the animal to look at you for your kid or a photo..please stop and tell your little spawns to stop doing it as well. the animals could care less that your there and will do what they please. they see people everyday and hear the banging everday to the point they block it out.

Dont bang on the glass when i am in there as well setting down some treats screaming at me like i cant hear you when i can asking when the animals are coming back out because it took you all day to find the hab and they are not out. Im sorry if im trying to enrich my animals with a treat but i think you can wait on darn minute for me to set all the gates in place before letting th animal back out.

please read and burn it into your skulls you crazy people

ok im done for now...let me work a few more hours and see what comes of it. sigh
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