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The Joys of the Aquarium - Park Guests SUCK
The Joys of the Aquarium
Why yes, I am indeed carrying a large bucket of frozen fish, how observant of you!
-Yes, they are in fact real.
-I promise, they are real. No, you can't touch to prove it. They're icky and you're ickier.
-No, really, I wouldn't waste my time carrying heavy buckets of plastic fish.
-No, we aren't feeding the animals right now. These fish are frozen.
-"But Belugas love frozen fish". Oh really, good to know you know how to do my job, otherwise the poor things would starve.
-SOLID FROZEN. No I can't microwave them so your kid can see the Beluga/Shark/Walrus eat. They've been fed. I don't feed animals for your child's delight.
-Yes, they are real. I'm not trying to trick you.

Day after day....
God I can't wait for my new job (helloooooo Hawaii!)
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white_jenna From: white_jenna Date: March 28th, 2008 03:01 am (UTC) (Link)
-No, really, I wouldn't waste my time carrying heavy buckets of plastic fish. *giggles*
Walked into our rain forest a couple weeks ago to find a visitor had picked up a smelt off our waterbird tray and was walking towards our ibises. Couldn't refrain from asking "why are you picking up raw fish?". Just...ewww. I don't do fish/meat/wet cat or dog food without gloves if I can possibly avoid it, and I've never known a visitor (OMG raw food for the carnivores, icky!) to do so.
lexkixass From: lexkixass Date: September 20th, 2008 04:28 pm (UTC) (Link)

See, now, I get that people ask me if I have real fish in my basket when I'm playing the fishmonger at a medieval faire. (And yes, they stink liek whoa after a day or two.)

But if you're at an aquarium? That's... special.

*gives hugs*
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