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parkguests_suck's Journal

Park Guests SUCK
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Do you work in a theme park, zoo, or related attraction? Do those park guests just get on your last nerves sometimes? Well, then just like customers_suck is a place for one to rant about customers.. this is the place for you! Rant, bitch, whine and complain until your heart's content.

Anyone, past or present, who's worked within an amusement park or zoo setting is welcomed here. When you post, go ahead and introduce yourself to the rest of the community. Tell us what sort of park your at and what you do, in as many or few words as you want. We like all stories, so even if your's is an oldie.. go ahead and tell us about it! No doubt we'll have felt your pain. Rant away!

Guests suck. It's as simple as that.

As far as behavior goes, it's simple. Just play nice. The rules an be found below.

-First and foremost, if something is amiss, contact justblieve or gearpony.

-The most important and easy to follow rule of the community is to play nice. There is never a need to be rude, and it won't be tolerated. PLAY NICE.

-No off topic posts. If your post is not about a guest who sucks, then your post is not on topic.

-What is a guest? Anyone you deal with as a part your job or volunteer situation who is not a co-worker or boss.

-"Was I sucky?", "What's it like to work here?", and things of that nature are off topic.

-Community advertisements are not allowed.

-Guest WTF posts and witnessed suck posts are fine, as long as there is some sort of guest who sucks involved.

-Your WHOLE post needs to be about a sucky guest. Not just half of it.

-Cutting your post is optional unless you have an image of any kind. If you are posting an image, please cut it.

-Absolutely no pornographic or non-work-safe icons. This goes for posts and comments.

-Plain black text only, please. No decorative fonts, colors or anything. Default text only.

The spirit of these rules is to keep things on topic and friendly. You are welcome to disagree with someone, but please do so in a polite way. Most of us are adults, and those of us who aren't will be adults soon, so let's all act like grown ups.


The first time you're a jerk on purpose, it's a 1 week ban. The second time you're a jerk, you are no longer welcome in this community. No one wants to hang out with jerks. Off topic posts will be deleted immediately with a reminder note sent. If it becomes a problem, we can discuss it. Trolls will be banned permanently, immediately.

If you feel you don't quite fit in this community, why don't you try one of the following: